Legendary Panels are smart and environmentally friendly

With rising concerns over global climate change, reducing the environmental impact of homes and commercial buildings is a priority. Buildings made with Legendary Panels:

Meet qualification standards – Builders using SIPs can more easily meet qualification standards under many green building rating systems such as LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design), Green Globes and NAHB green building programs.


• Obtain Energy Star certification – Homes built with SIPs can easily qualify for EPA’s Energy Star certification by achieving a favorable HERS Index (Home Energy Rating System). Also, SIPs provide the best chance to meet the more rigorous Energy Star 3.0 rating set to be implemented in Jan 2012.


Are made with environmentally friendly skins – Wood for the OSB skins is made from trees harvested from sustainably managed forests.


• Are ozone friendly – The insulating core is lightweight structural foam composed of 98% air and requires a relatively small amount of petroleum to produce and does not threaten the earth’s ozone layer.


Reduce lumber waste – EPA estimates that 1 Billion board feet of salvageable lumber is sent to landfills. Enough to build more than 62,000 average sized American homes. The use of SIPs reduces this by more than 30%.


Legendary Panels is the smart choice to ensure that your projects are efficient, long-lasting and meet all of the current and near-future standards and certifications including LEED and Energy Star 3.0.