Nailbase Retrofit

Nailbase is a cost-effictive solution for remodeling or rennovating an existing home or building when speed, budget and dramatically increasing energy efficiency are the goals. A retrofit from the outside in, nailbase creates an airtight envelope that will last a lifetime.



Features & Benefits:

Nailbase adds insulation

  • Three standard thicknesses:

    • 7/8” foam + 7/16” OSB = R-3.5+
    • –1 5/8” foam +  7/16” OSB = R-6+
    • –3 5/8” foam + 7/16” OSB = R-12.5+
  • •.75 lb psf density foam laminated to OSB in 4’ x 8’ sheets edge-to-edge.
  • Fastens to existing surfaces such as wall studs or roof trusses/decking.
  • Sealing creates a complete air barrier.

Increases Envelope Performance

  • Airtight envelope.
  • 4×8 panels with expanding foam or SIP tape.
  • Before and after blower door test for HERS score
  • Combine with whole-house energy upgrade package such as windows, doors, HVAC.

Minimal Disruption

  • Outside in energy retrofit.
  • Minimal waste.
  • Quick door and window replacement.
  • Easy and quick re-roof.
  • Less time on job site.
  • No crew required inside of home or building.

Reduces Energy Costs

  • Added insulation to walls and/or roof.
  • Controls air infiltration/exfiltration.
  • HVAC ducting inside of conditioned space.
  • Reduced sizing of HVAC.
  • HERS Score lowered.

Time and Labor Savings

  • Delivered as complete package.
  • Standard tooling such as nail guns and screwdrivers.
  • 4’ x 8’ sheets go up fast and easy.
  • Spray foam canisters and SIP tape provide quick sealing.
  • No special training/licensing required.